Technology Update

Nothing is neutral, even technology. It is really easy to think of technology as just a tool that we use and it is our use of it that causes good or bad. However, I would like to suggest to you that technology is laden with values. The person or team that designed the piece of hardware you are using or the software that you rely on had a set of values that they operated out of and those values come through in the design of the product. For example, someone who wants to generate as much income as possible may include multiple opportunities to purchase add-ons, level ups, expansion packs in games and all of a sudden, the game isn’t neutral, it is a minefield of temptation trying to lure you to play for longer with just one more purchase of ‘lives’; c’mon I know you’ve all done that playing Candy Crush! 

So then, is the best way forward to avoid all technology as much as possible, hiding away from it and hoping it will go away? Some days it feels like the answer is yes! However, that is not the world we live in and as Christians we need to be helping our children and ourselves to be able to understand that technology is a gift from God, that it can do some really great and important things if used well and that it can also be incredibly destructive if used poorly. Here at MECS we are showing our students some really positive ways to use technology with some examples being the use of robotics and coding, creating eCommerce websites, STEM projects, study tools, the list goes on. We are also teaching students the wise and discerning use of technology and its affects when used poorly through lessons in Cyber Safety and Health.

Here are some updates in the technology space at MECS:


All parents have now been issued with their instructions for how to log into Schoolbox (through Compass on the 21st of April) and therefore can access student work and feedback from Year 1 to Year 12. Please log in and have a look at the regular feedback regarding your child. 

Cyber Safety

Parents of young children please be on the lookout when using YouTube for the following two issues. One is Huggy Wuggy – sounds lovely but is actually a character out of a horror movie that is slipping through filters and can be viewed by children. The other is Siren Head in which a loud siren is suddenly played in the middle of kids videos. Please be vigilant when giving your child time on YouTube. As a reminder we have our own cyber safety portal (link below) with loads of help on using technology well with your family.

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Personal Learning Device (PLD) Program 

At the start of this year, we continued the roll out of our Personal Learning Device program with Years 7, 8 and 10 now having access to their own school devices. In 2023 this will continue with all students from Years 7-11 having devices and in 2024 the rollout will be complete for the whole of Secondary School (Years 7-12). We are incredibly blessed to be able to do this with no additional cost to parents as this device is included in the school fees.