Thankfulness during this COVID-19 Season

On my wall above my desk and I have a saying, ‘Too Blessed to be Stressed’.

It prompts me to check my perspective and be thankful for all the good things God is doing each day, rather than being stressed about things outside of my control. On the eve of all our students returning from a season of remote learning, and amidst the challenges that still exist, these are just some of the things that I am thankful for:

As your children return to school this week, may they return to their classrooms knowing that their teachers are there ready and waiting to swing into action, pick up the pieces and continue the learning that has been going on at home. In our communications way back on 7 April, I encouraged you to trust us!

“Trust us, not because we will get everything right in the coming weeks and months. This is uncharted waters for all of us and we will make mistakes and need to keep ‘tweaking’ what is working for our students, families and staff. Trust us because we love God and we love your children. We believe that God goes before us and behind us and he will sustain this community. We want what is best for your children (and you) in the coming weeks. We want them to keep on learning and delighting in God’s world. We will be able to do this together.”

I am so proud of our community – staff, students and families – for what we have been able to do together and with God’s faithfulness and provision. Whilst there will be still be challenges ahead, we are more confident and grateful than ever that the MECS community will always pull together, support one another and make learning happen for our students wherever and in whatever circumstances we find ourselves.