The Art of Growing Up

Recently I have been reading the book, ‘The Art of Growing Up’, by John Marsden. Marsden is most well-known for being a bestselling children’s author, but he is also an influential educator, particularly in the area of alternative education settings. I like what he has to say and highly recommend this book for parents and teachers alike.

As I reflect on these challenging times, the title of his book reminds us that ‘growing up’ is indeed an art! It is not a precise program or routine that we all follow, it is not finished when a certain amount of knowledge is accumulated or wisdom acquired. It doesn’t even depend on how many days are completed at school! It certainly doesn’t look the same for everyone; and the important thing is, it doesn’t need to be!

MECS is proud of the various pathways and programs we have to cater for the individual learning needs of many of our students. This recognises that ‘growing up’ is not a one size fits all, ‘cookie cutter’ approach, but is about recognising the giftings, passions and abilities of all our students.

Sometimes this makes it more complicated, certainly it requires more resources and it’s true that some schools think it’s all too hard. But at MECS, we give it a go!

The good news for those engaging in remote learning over the next few weeks is that the pressure is off! You get to see and be part of a different aspect of your child’s ‘growing up’, but you can do so knowing that there is no special formula or things that you have to get right!

Instead, enjoy your children, learn with them, don’t sweat the small stuff, keep trusting our hard-working teachers to support you, and know that despite it all, God is ‘growing up’ your children to be exactly how He wants them to be!