Try everything; embracing change for the future

In our household we have the motto ‘Try everything!’ which is used to encourage our 5 year old daughter, and often ourselves, to not be limited by her preconceptions or personal fears, but to take hold of a moment and experience all that life has to offer: new foods, new friends, new adventures, new learning. However, using that motto to convince a 5 year old child, with limited life experience, is much easier that using it to convince your adult self, who is likely quite ‘comfortable’ and ‘accustomed’ to the way things are done, that there might be some value in change or in a new experience.

In the area of education and schooling, we have just come through a period of forced change. Rather than having the ‘spoonful’ of online learning hovered like an aeroplane under our noses and being asked to ‘try a little bit’ (which is what was happening for years prior), we have essentially had that ‘spoonful’ of online learning ‘forced into our mouths’.

So what will we do with it?

Do we spit it out? - Refuse to see that there was any good in what we have learnt during this time.

Do we swallow fast, and follow it with a quick mouthful of something we’re more accustomed to? – Just treat it as an ‘experience’, something that we ‘lived through’, but just return to the same way we have always done schooling at MECS.

Or will we swallow it down, consider the flavours and the texture, and then decide what parts of the ‘mouthful’ we liked, what we didn’t quite like or would need to change for the next attempt? – Consider what we have learnt during this time, what God has been revealing to us, and how the experiences of ‘forced’ online learning can influence future pathways and styles of education at MECS.

Over the past several few weeks, We have had many exciting conversations in the areas of teaching and learning at MECS (as well as the broader education community) that have us thinking forward to a changed future. So, let’s aim to put our own personal fears and preconceptions aside, recognise the power of God at work in all things, and be excited by the ‘good things’ that God is revealing to us about how Christian education at MECS could look in the future. Watch this space!