What is the Association?

Narelle talks about it at Enrolment Interviews, it is talked about by Board Members at the New Parent Dinner, it gets a mention at the Parent Seminars, and then there is the ads in the newsletter for the AGM and EGM, what is this? What does it all mean?  And how can I be part of it all?

To answer these questions it is helpful to go back to when the Association started. The Association was founded in the mid-1950s by a group of Christian parents who wanted to see the establishment of a school that reflects that God is Lord over every area of our day-to-day lives. They formed the Association, started fundraising and worked hard for many years until finally in 1971 the York Road property was purchased, clearing the land and building started and MECS opened in 1973.

Many of the families who were part of the early Association and worked hard in various ways to start the school are still connected to our community today. Many are still Association members and remain engaged in the school, there are even second and third generations of students coming through the school; we are so grateful for the legacy of our founding and early families, and acknowledge their role in forming the school MECS is today. We are grateful to God that MECS has stayed true to the path set by its founders. This is where the Association comes in; it is our aim to have an Association of Christian people who are passionate about pursuing and protecting the vision of MECS. It is vital for the ongoing wellbeing and success of MECS that the school maintains a strong and committed Association. So whether you are part of a Founding family, or a newer member of the MECS community; if you are passionate about MECS and Christian Education, we would love to hear from you! The requirements of membership are that we encourage you to attend the AGM in May and the EGM in October of each year. The meetings are a valuable and effective way of hearing what is going on at the school, shaping the direction and being consulted about major decisions that are being made. There is a small annual membership fee of $25. If membership interests you, if you are keen to be part of the direction of the school, part of the bigger picture of MECS, please contact me. I would love to chat further, answer your questions and send you some information about Association Membership.