Word of Mouth Marketing

As the person who is responsible for the marketing at MECS, I am fortunate enough to attend conferences and hear experts talking about marketing in a school context.  These experts talk about ‘word of mouth’ marketing being one of the most powerful types of marketing in a school setting.

We certainly find that to be true at MECS.  Families that come on school tours with Natasha Francis, our Enrolments Manager, generally already have some sort of connection: they are a past student, a family member has come to the school, they know a past or current staff member or they know a family currently in the school, or more than one of the above! It is a rare occasion that a family on a tour have no connection to MECS or our community. This tells us a lot about our parents - that our parents are talking to their friends and family about MECS, and that overall, (even though things go wrong sometimes) parents are happy and willing to recommend the school. For that, we say thank you! Your recommendations mean far more than any glossy brochure we print or radio ad we produce (although these have their place and do serve a purpose in our marketing plan). You are an important part of telling the MECS story, of encouraging others to consider joining this community, and ensuring the future health of the school. That is word of mouth marketing at its best! I also feel that this is a key part of the partnership we value so highly at MECS.  

In the newsletter from 24 October, Narelle’s editorial referred to an article in the most recent edition of Nurture called ‘The P’s of partnership’, written by Alison Moore who is the current board president at Devonport Christian School, Tasmania. The article covered nine suggested ways to better partner with your school. Narelle referred to five of them: passionate about education, parent teacher meetings, procedure, participate and publicise and post (with restraint).

The way parent’s partner with our schools has changed over the years as society and family life has changed. The article in Nurture points out some of those changes, and the ways families in 2019 can partner well with their schools. 

There are two more P’s in the article that I would like to look at: Praise and Publicise.

Praise – share the school’s character, events and victories with friends, colleagues, and family – share all the good stuff that is happening at your child’s school. Use the school’s name. It is incredible how many people will ask you about the school if you praise it publically.

Publicise and post with (restraint) – hit the ‘like’ button, ‘share’ that good news story, help the school by supporting their social media presence.

This is key! More and more we use our online platforms to tell the stories of our school.

You might also like to write a review on facebook or on google reviews.

Thank you for the part you play in telling the MECS stories. If you have not read the article already can I encourage you to do so. If you would like another copy of the article or Nurture, please contact the office.