Our Association and Board

MECS is owned and operated by a community of parents and staff, both past and present, who join together to form the School Association. The MECS Association was founded in the mid-1960s and has governed MECS ever since, in a parent-governance model. This means that passionate parents oversee the direction of MECS, ensuring that the major governance-type decisions are in line with the school’s vision and mission. The Association elects Board members to govern on their behalf; Board members in turn maintain and generate biblically based, best-practice governance policies to sustain and grow the school’s vision. The Board employs the Executive roles at MECS (Principal, Administration Manager, and Assistant Principals). It is vital for the ongoing success and well-being of MECS that the school maintains a strong and committed Association. If the Association is in good shape, the school will prosper and continue to provide Christ-centred education for our young people into the future. The Association meets twice a year. The meetings are informal, fun and a great way to learn more about what is happening at MECS. Christian parents who are passionate about MECS and Christian education are invited to find out more about joining the Association by contacting Nicole Nyhouse via the school office, 9738 6000.

Our Board

The Association elects a Board of nine directors. Members of the current Board are parents of children in the school, or past parents of the school. The Board meets monthly. The Board has appointed the Principal as its Chief Executive Officer and works closely through her to achieve the aims and objectives of the Association through the work of the school.

Our current Board Members:

Learn about the Purpose of a School Association

If you would like to know more about Association Membership please contact our Community Relations Officer, Nicole Nyhouse, via the school office.