50th Anniversary

Immigrants And Our Story

Written by Malcolm Pirie – Primary Deputy Principal

As we celebrate MECS 50th Anniversary, the thing that keeps amazing me is the stories that emerge from the early pioneers, those that were willing to take a risk, change countries, dream about what could be and then establish a Christian school to cater for their children and grandchildren.

As a very recent immigrant myself, 4 years almost to the day, I have enjoyed reflecting on what those who started MECS brought to the school as well as sharing with my students some of my own journey. So often we have messaging about immigrants that is posed in the negative. To be able to share with my students that I am an immigrant, that I have enjoyed coming to Australia and then opening the space for them to share their stories has been a real privilege. Within our classes we have students who are recent arrivals, first generation born here, and the second, third and more generations as well. We each have a story.

Each of the different parts of the school look at history in different ways, from slightly different angles. Middle Primary have recently been discussing who founded Melbourne and looking at the different parts of the story and realising that it is not a straightforward answer. That there is more than one way to interpret and answer the question. Was it the first person to step off the boat? Was it the person who arranged the treaty and bought the land? Was it the first nations people who were already here? Was it God who has made the land for the people?

I have enjoyed being a part of the MECS story for the last 4 years and look forward to continuing to be a part of it. My family has been welcomed and included in this community. The question for each of us is how will we continue to be a part of the MECS story that enables us to be a school that provides for all of our students, celebrating the differences within our stories whilst challenging each of us to live for God.

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