Our Story

The story of MECS began as a dream of parents who wished to equip their children with Christian education. In the 1960s, these parents turned their dream into reality starting fundraising campaigns for the school they longed to see. In 1964, the pioneers formed the "Association of Parents for Christian Education, Mount Evelyn" and accelerated the pace of work to establish a Christian school. Fuelled by their adventurous vision in 1970, they purchased our current  six-hectare school property, set against the beautiful bush. Their dreams became a reality when Mount Evelyn Christian Primary School was opened on 3rd February 1973 – 19 full years from the very first fundraising effort! The school opened with three teachers teaching 80 children from Foundation to Year 6 in three composite groups. Today, MECS has about 180 staff employed and over 700 students enrolled in two campuses. 


Our Association and Board

MECS is owned and operated by the School Association, which is comprised of past and current parents and staff. The Association was founded in the mid-1960s and it used the parent-governance model to oversee the school. This means that passionate parents oversee the direction of MECS, ensuring major decisions made stay in line with the school’s vision and mission. Board members are elected by the Association to sustain and oversee the school's continual growth towards its vision. The Board is also charged with the responsibility of hiring the executive leadership roles at the school. The Association meets twice a year to keep up to date with the developments at MECS. Christian parents who are passionate about the school community, and particularly about Christian education, are invited to find out more about joining the Association. Interested parents can contact our Community Relations Manager, Jenny Taylor, at 9738 6000.

Our Board

The Association elects a Board of nine directors. Members of the current Board are current or past parents of students at the school. The Board meets monthly and works closely with the school principal to achieve the aims and objectives of the Association.

Our current Board Members: