Kindergarten Mission

We provide a holistic and dynamic Christ-centred Early Years program shaped by teacher-guided, explorative, child-led, play-based learning experiences that nurture a rich foundation for life.

Kindergarten Values

The MECS Kindergarten is an exciting extension of Christian education for families with young children. We recognise that God has made us to have meaningful relationships with others. We value the following: 

  1. The important place of our Early Years Educators in young children’s lives.
  2. Developing close relationships between staff, parents and children.
  3. Building a special Kindergarten community where young children feel safe, secure, respected and loved by others.
  4. Beautiful, natural and inspiring learning spaces that stimulate the growth and development of children’s interests and imagination.
  5. A program that is full of opportunities for learning through exploration and discovery.
  6. Helping children develop a strong sense of wonder and curiosity about the world they live in
  7. Using an unhurried approach where immersion in projects and play experiences come naturally
  8. A relaxed atmosphere where children have time to just "be me".

What We Offer

At MECS kindergarten, we take a multifaceted approach for our 3 and 4-year old kindergarten programs. Children will experience the following:

Christian Education – Our programs at MECS Kindergarten are based on Biblical truths and encourage awe and wonder as we learn about God’s world. Transformational education is the underpinning framework for our commitment to Christian Education in these formational early childhood years.

Teaching and Learning– we use the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework (VEYLDF) to inform our learning outcomes. MECS Kindergarten draws upon Vygotsky’s socio-constructivist theory and Claire Wardens’ nature-based theory. Our programs are also influenced by the Reggio Emilia approach to early childhood education.

As we develop Christian attitudes we are led to learn, connect, and serve together.

Introduction to PALS and Social Thinking: Playing and Learning to Socialise is a program that introduces social skills for 3 and 4-year-old children.

PMP (Perceptual Motor Program): a series of specifically designed exercises that aim to help children develop the ability to interpret and respond successfully to sensory information.

Bush Kinder: this is a highly valued part of the four-year-old kinder program that commences mid-year. Bush Kinder involves regular excursions into the bush located on MECS property. The children explore and play in all types of weather! Children wonder in God’s world, use their imagination, and connect with nature.

Kinder Verse – We are committed to helping children grow their sense of identity and community, and our kinder verse is embedded into our practice regularly, and shared with families.

Piazza – MECS Kindergarten values community, and our entry space is deliberately called the ‘Piazza’- and Italian word meaning ‘Meeting Place’. Many ‘meeting together’ experiences happen in this space!

Excursions and Incursions – MECS Kindergarten organise meaningful, hands-on experiences for children to help broaden their experiences and connect with local communities.