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Kindergarten Mission

We provide a holistic and dynamic Christ-centred Early Years program shaped by teacher-guided, child-led, explorative, play-based learning experiences that nurture a rich foundation for life.

What we value

The MECS Kindergarten is an exciting extension of Christian education for families with young children. The MECS Kinder recognises that God has made us to have meaningful relationships with others. We value the important place that Early Years’ educators have in young children’s lives. We value the development of close relationships between staff, parents and children. We value building a special Kindergarten community where young children will feel safe, secure, respected and loved by others.

The MECS Kindergarten (established in 2013) is a unique place built and shaped for the growth and development of 3 and 4 year olds. We value beautiful, natural and inspiring learning spaces that stimulate the growth and development of children’s interests and imagination. We value a program that is full of opportunities for learning through exploration and discovery. We value children developing a strong sense of wonder and curiosity about the world they live in. We value an unhurried approach where immersion in projects and play experiences come naturally. We value a relaxed atmosphere where children have time to just "be me".

What we offer

At MECS kindergarten, our multi-faceted approach aims to include some regular practices that make up our programs. Children will experience, at different times over 3 and 4-year-old kindergarten:

Christian Education – MECS Kindergarten provides a holistic and dynamic Christ-centred Early Years program shaped by child-led, teacher-guided, explorative, play based learning experiences, which nurtures a rich foundation for school.

VEYLDF – Early Years learning and Development Framework – underpins all teaching and learning practices in the kindergarten. MECS Kindergarten also base our philosophy on Vygotsky’s socio-constructivist theory and Claire Wardens’ nature theory. MECS Kindergarten is also influenced by the Reggio Emilia approach to early Childhood education.

Introduction to PALS – Playing and Learning to Socialise – a program that introduces social skills for 3 and 4-year-old children.

PMP – Perceptual Motor Program – a series of specifically designed exercises that aim to help children develop the ability to interpret and respond successfully to sensory information.

Bush Kinder - Bush kinder is a highly valued part of the four-year-old kinder program, and commences mid-way into the year. Bush Kinder is when we have regular excursions into the bush located on MECS property. The children explore and play in all types of weather! Children wonder in God’s world, use their imagination, and connect with nature.

Kinder Verse – We are committed to helping children grow their sense of identity and community, and our kinder verse is embedded into our practice regularly, and shared with families.

Piazza – MECS Kindergarten values community, and our entry space is deliberately called the ‘Piazza’- and Italian word meaning ‘Meeting Place’. Many ‘meeting together’ experiences happen in this space!

Excursions and Incursions – MECS Kindergarten organise meaningful, hands on experiences for children to help broaden their experiences and connect with local communities.


Each child is wonderfully created, powerful, capable and full of curiosity about the world. This is central to our philosophy and practice. Children are created uniquely, made in the image of God with different gifts and talents. As educators, we are called to respect these distinctions by building intentional relationships, and through modelling and teaching as we respond to the children as individuals who are loved by God. MECS Kindergarten belongs to the wider MECS community and shares the values and vision of the school. We aim to nurture children’s hearts towards God’s Kingdom; it is this development of Christian attitudes that leads us to the work of our hands by giving opportunities to express values, such as being friendly, respectful and caring of each other and the environment around us.

At the MECS Kindergarten we value the development of close relationships between staff, parents and children, and see this as foundational for building a special, inclusive community where the children know themselves to be secure, safe, respected and loved. In this environment, children enjoy the best possible start to their years of formal education. We recognise that families are diverse and unique. In our day-to-day planning we consider children’s varied needs and interests, individual learning styles, background and cultural diversity in the context of the family and kindergarten.

At the MECS Kindergarten, as well as catering for the potential of each student, we respond to the children’s appetite for knowledge by embracing play-based and engaging learning. Our educators support the students as they take new steps in their learning; cultivating the skills of asking questions and problem solving, and nurturing their curiosity. The program is full of opportunities for learning through hands on exploration, discovery and investigation. At the MECS Kindergarten, we respect the uniqueness of childhood, and provide a broad range of developmentally appropriate, educational experiences. We strive for a program that challenges each child in their learning and which helps them to progress and grow in as many areas of knowledge, skill and performance as possible. Above all, children are encouraged to be the best ‘you’.

Want to know more?

I invite you to come on a personalised tour, and see the MECS difference for yourself. As a past student and current parent, I would love to share some of my MECS experience with you and tell you more about what makes this school unique.

Please contact me on 03 9738 6000, or use the link below to arrange a time that suits you.

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Beth Matthews
Enrolments Manager


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