Learning at MECs is Christ-centred and child-orientated.

Christ-centred- we see all of life as part of God’s Kingdom. Our students are learning for understanding and service, with the goal of responsive action. Teaching and learning at MECS aligns with the current Australian curriculum, however students are taught to look at everything they are learning and participating in, through a biblical worldview. Teachers at MECs are also equiped to teach from a Christian perspective by being supported with further studies through National Institute of Christian Education (NICE).

Child-orientated- we recognise that each student is unique, and a wonderfully created image bearer of Christ. Curriculum is not only about what is taught, it is also about who we teach. We recognise the unique abilities and experiences that each student brings to MECS. Our goal is to help students reach their God-given potential and prepare them for a life of discipleship and work in God’s kingdom.