School Fees


School Fees

Partnering together to see our young people flourish in the ways that God has gifted them.

We thank you for your continued partnership, and the commitment to your child/ren’s education through the paying of fees. We work hard to keep our fees at both campuses affordable, but we understand that it takes a significant commitment and prioritising of funds for you to meet this responsibility. It is for this reason that we ensure that many of the significant costs associated with education, such as camps, excursions, incursions, and IT costs are covered in your fees.


Our school fees include all excursions, incursions, camps and administration costs.

Our fees are billed annually and we offer our parents the ability to pay:

  • Annually
  • Half yearly
  • Quarterly
  • Monthly (10)
  • Fortnightly (20)

Stationery (secondary students), school photos, school uniforms and textbooks will be at an additional cost to you.

Stationery for primary school students is included in the fees below.

Please advise us if you have a current Health Care Card, as this could reduce the cost of your school fees.

Payment Methods

  • We offer a range of payment methods to suit your situations:
  • Direct Debit from bank account (preferred)
  • Direct deposit/Internet transfer
  • Credit Card (attracts a 1.8% surcharge)
  • Cash (not preferred)