Learning at MECS

Learning at Mount Evelyn Christian School (MECS) is a holistic experience that goes beyond traditional academics. It’s rooted in Christian values, fostering not only intellectual growth but also spiritual and personal development. MECS offers a robust curriculum covering core subjects like Mathematics, English, Science, and Humanities, supplemented by a range of specialist classes such as Art, Music, and Physical Education. Learning extends beyond the classroom through diverse co-curricular activities, encouraging students to explore their passions and develop new skills. The dedicated and passionate faculty are committed to nurturing each student’s unique abilities, guiding them towards their full potential. At MECS, learning is about equipping students with the knowledge, values, and skills to navigate life confidently and contribute positively to their communities.


In Primary, our genuine aspiration is to foster a love of learning, ignite a sense of awe and wonder at the magnificence of creation, and nurture the uniqueness and potential…


Our Prep program is designed to harness this innate curiosity and build upon the knowledge and skills that students have gained from their early years in the home and kindergarten.


We understand that education is much more than the passing on of knowledge – it is about helping our students become life-long learners. By creating opportunities for students to explore…


We aim to provide a holistic and dynamic Christ-centred Early Years program shaped by explorative, child-led, teacher-guided, play-based learning experiences that nurture a rich foundation for life.


We offer enriching co-curricular programs that complements our academic curriculum and allows students to explore their passions, grow in character, and develop new skills.